The many faces of Ridicule Design.

Our designs are full of personality. Together we create a tailor made personality for your interior. All the designs we create need our full attention and love.

Before we can create a design we need to know what the design question is. What does a customer really need? Is it what he or she is asking or is something completely different? When we know what the customer need, we can create durable and beautiful furniture based on their needs. That is something we excel at. 

No excuses, we need to go forward. That’s what we aim for.  

We are Modern. Durable. Exclusive. Ridicule.

It is our mission to create furniture build with only the most durable materials. Materials that the Romans used to create their temples. Together with you, we want to create a story, a story that’s worth telling and worth showing.

A homestore with eyes for design and a heart for our customers. We are a trendsetter and go to great lengths so satisfy you.

Like the old Roman temples, your story will last.


We only work with the most durable materials.

We only make use of nature stone. Therefore our furniture is durable and strong.

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