Emotions in an interior.

How to bring emotions into an interior?

Ridicule Design has a unique method of creating personality and emotions in to an interior. We do this by litteraly providing our furniture with faces. These “faces” can be adjusted to the desired emotion and personality. And, that’s not all. Depending on where the furniture is located, it can also have a different facial expression. A side table in the corner can be quite “sad” because it has to be in the corner while the sofa is the center of the room.

A sad stool.

The story of a piece of furniture is also important. Why is a piece of furniture sad or happy or something else? This must be carefully considered. In this way, the interior changes from a gathering space where furniture is to a space that tells a story. And not just any story. It is the story you created.


Rood bovenblad.
Zwart bovenblad.

Alles is in elke kleur aan te passen. Én met elke emotie.

All our designs can be adapted to color and emotion. On this page you see a small selection of options. 

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